Bloom Valley

Bloom Valley

Started in 2015, Bloom Valley is the newest farm in the group’s portfolio. The farm is adjacent to Africa Blooms in Salgaa with 20 Hectares under greenhouses. Growing in hydroponics with state of the art facilities, the farm is located at 1950m.

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Xpressions Flora

Started in 2007, Xpressions Flora is located 11 Kilometers from Njoro along the Njoro Elburgon highway. The farm has 33 Hectares under greenhouses at an altitude of 2100 meters. The farm has over 100 acres under eucalyptus and further 70 acres of indigenous forest, which helps create a microclimate.

Africa Blooms

This is the second farm in the company’s portfolio. Located a few kilometers from the town of Salgaa, the farm has 20 Hectares under greenhouses at an altitude of 1950 meters. Africa Blooms has a fully automated propagation unit capable of producing 2 Million stems a year.

Sojanmi Spring Fields

Sojanmi Spring Fields is the largest farm in the group’s portfolio with 45 Hectares under greenhouses. Located a few kilometers behind Egerton University in Njoro, the farm sits at an altitude of 2400 meters, making it the ‘highest’ farm in terms of production and location.

Over 20 Hectares under Green Houses

Our farms are centered around the Nakuru – Njoro area in the Rift Valley. With over 120 different varieties grown commercially and exported all over the world, Bloom Valley covers 20 Ha of our total 120 Ha greenhouses. The topographical variations ranging between 1900m to 2450m above sea level allow us grow a wide range of varieties.

100% Quality

We follow a highly scientific approach with constant innovation along with sustainability that includes growfit, ultrafilteration, drip irrigation and hydroponics. Read more about the technology and process we adopt to grow the highest quality roses