Customized Packaging

We offer our customers complete freedom on how they want the flowers delivered.

Customized Sleeves

At Xflora Group, we use multiple sleeves as per the customer’s specifications which include:

  • Farm branded sleeves – Amor & Omang
  • Printed sleeves
  • Sleeves with hot needle perforation or air holes
  • Clear sleeves

Choice of SFK

Single Faced Kraft (SFK) corrugated Board is great for absorbing pressure and impact loads. It is therefore found to be ideal for shipping and for padding of roses and maintaining freshness.

At our farms we use one of the highest quality SFK for our clients. We use a white water resistant SFK which we developed along with our supplier. The water resistant quality of this SFK helps in reducing damages and keeping the flowers fresh. For certain varieties we use additional protection for the bunch by using separators and foam.

Our aim is to use the right packaging for the right variety so that the client always gets a fresh and damage-free rose flower.

Choice of Boxes

We have the capacity to use a number of boxes including customer branded boxes.

We have developed a box size which is perfect for palletisation (weighs 10kgs and measures 100*30*20).

These boxes manage to achieve volumetric weight without over packing. It ensures that the flowers arrive at the destination without any stress.