We are deeply conscious of our environment and believe in running our operations in a sustainable manner

Rainwater Harvesting

We use our green houses to harvest rainfall. The greenhouses form catchment areas to collect rainfall, which is channeled to water reservoirs using a series of downpipes, drains and gravity. This allows us to meet fifty percent of our water requirement annually.

Tree Distribution

We have a fully functional tree nursery where we grow seedlings found naturally in our environs. We conduct a free Bi annual tree distribution campaign for the communities and villages around our farms. These tree distribution drives help create small sections of indigenous forests; creating a micro climate while maintaining soil integrity.

Solar Power Generation

In 2019, Xflora group has commissioned a 660 Kilowatt solar plant spread across our farms. This will help the farms create their own power during daylight hours and in turn be less reliant on power produced by KPLC. We expect the project to be completed by 2020.