A Scientific Approach

To growing only the Best Roses since 2007


The group farms use state of the art drip irrigation technology combined with the latest software from NETAFIM Israel to deliver water & nutrition in the most efficient & effective manner.

Growing in Hydroponics

The flowers are grown in sterile media under the hydroponics system. The excess water & fertilizer are recycled after going through disease cleansing Ultra Filtration. This avoids wastage of scarce water & costly fertilizers. It also obviates environmental and groundwater pollution.

Ultra Filtration and RO

Ultra Filtration allows us to re-use water and reduce water wastage. The system makes sure that bacteria, viruses, fungi and nematodes are unable to pass the filter, leading to clean and fresh water re-use for our roses.


Today we are moving a step higher by deploying Grofit technology for even more efficient delivery of water & nutrition to the plants. The Grofit system is a sensor-based approach to plant nutrition. It uses below ground sensors to provide information on moisture status and combines this with air humidity levels to provide daily guidance on how much to irrigate. With this information in hand the Farm Manager can precisely determine the quantity of water & fertilizer to be given to the plants. This helps reduce fertilizer & water wastage, but more importantly, it helps ensure correct root zone moisture and improves nutrient uptake.





A Commitment to Innovation

Xflora Group is deeply committed to constant innovation and to bring new varieties to the market. Today, we grow over 120 commercial varieties and have over 2000 varieties under trials. Our robust approach to research and development of new varieties ensures that we constantly bring new products to the market.

Best Grower Award

In 2015, the Dutch Flower Auction awarded the group the FloraHolland Best Grower Award for having introduced 25 new varieties to the auction.